Swapping Heads in Photoshop Elements

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You know how when you take several photos of a group of people, the facial expressions are not all perfect in the same photo? Someone looks good in one shot, another person looks fab in a different photo. Here's how to move heads from one photo to another to get a perfect look on every face. Melissa Gibson from Clickin Moms explains,

Oftentimes, during a session, someone is either not looking at the camera or is making a goofy face. With my little ones? It’s more than likely a goofy face. However, no worries! If you have a good handle on how to swap heads in Photoshop Elements (aka PSE) you’ll have a little less stress when you’re editing the session. This is a really handy editing tip that you’ll love to use.

two perfect expressions
Head Swap Example by Melissa Gibson. Used with Permission.

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