Is Swearing at Your Child Verbal Abuse?

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The arguments for and against using swear words in everyday conversation are many and varied. One camp says that words are just words, that they have no power over us. One camp believes that words hold power and we need to pick and choose them carefully. I think both camps could agree, however, that cussing at your toddler is an abuse of parental responsibility.

Kate at Perpetually Nesting recently witnessed another mother cursing at her son at Target. My heart broke as she shared the child's reaction. She shares:

No Abandoning Your ChildOne woman in particular nearly made me grab her son out from under her angry words and protect him with the full force of the lionness within me.

I ain’t got money for that! The woman grabbed a book from her son’s hand and threw it back on the shelf. You’re f*cking lucky we’re f*cking here at all, you be careful or I’m gonna whoop you. (Was that an empty threat? I hope it was. But something makes me think she wasn’t bluffing).

Her son couldn’t have been more than Jeebs’ age: two and a half, maybe three. Old enough to wince and lower his eyes to the floor at her words, his shoulders visibly bowed in sadness, withdrawal, acceptance.

Photo Credit: myklroventine.

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