Too Busy to Help a Stranger? Think Again.

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Editor's Note: I read many, many posts from my perch here at BlogHer and this one wins for 'Shortest Post to Put a Sudden Lump in Your Throat' hands down. The little story is a great reminder about how no matter how "busy" your day may be, God may have other plans. --Heather

I had already seen him in the store. He had walked past me and, while I’m really not in the habit of scrutinizing others’ cart contents, I happened to notice that his contained a really haphazard array of boxes. I didn’t worry about it, though; I carried on with my own shopping. I only had a few things to grab, and I had a busy day planned.

I saw him double up and then slow to a stop. He paused, right next to me.

“Excuse me,” he began, and I met his gaze. His eyes were very blood-shot. His hands shook, just a bit. He had a toddler girl in the front of his cart. She was cute, if a bit disheveled.

He continued, “Do you know this store well? Do you shop here often?”


Image: BenSpark via Flickr


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