Tablecloth Shorty 101

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In the DIY (Do it Yourself) and Budget Babywearing worlds, the table cloth shorty (or shortie) is a wrapping staple.A "shorty" is a short woven wrap, used for quicker carries that don't require as much length as "base" size woven wraps. Typically made by splitting a 60x120" table cloth in two lengthwise, the tablecloth shorty can be used by most wearers for a variety of carries. It makes for a great "beater" wrap for housework or an extra carrier to leave in the car, but is equally appropriate for every-day use!Not all tablecloths are created equal, and the tablecloth you choose can make the difference between a diggy, too-thin wrap, a slippery and hot wrap, or a nice and cushy breathable wrap. . . .

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