Time for a Blog Reader Cleanse

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Editor's Note: You are what you read, or something like that. Ali on the Run has a great post about taking responsibility for what you put into your brain, making sure you're feeding your mind just as mindfully as you feed your body. Unsubscribe from blogs that are upsetting you. Don't spend your time seething with anger over what you read. --Mel

For a while, as I mentioned in that New Year’s Eve post, I would innocently “hate read” (ick, such an ugly and nasty term). I’d read a post, shake my head and then move on. No harm done, right? I didn’t leave cruel comments and I didn’t spend more than 2.3 minutes thinking about the post. But at some point, it became more than that. At some point, I got really angry about what people were posting — and I got angry about the comments, too.

Do you keep reading blogs that make you upset? Have you ever done a blog reader cleanse?


Image: Angry via Shutterstock.

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