Taking Risks While Pregnant: Would You Drink Coffee?

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Editor's Note: While pregnant, I drank caffeinated beverages, ate deli meat and, gasp, soft serve ice cream. And if we would have had a sushi place near our home, I would have had some. Horrors! Shayla at Northern Exposure shared the things she's eating and drinking while pregnant -- as well as some of the rules she's adhering to. Did you take risks with food and beverage during pregnancy? -Jenna

Taking Risks While Pregnant:

I’m lucky in some ways in that a lot of the ‘bad foods’ are things I dislike anyway — you won’t find me eating smoked salmon, pregnant or not! And I hate sushi (plus if there was a sushi place around here… I’d probably avoid it anyway). I don’t eat canned tuna, or much seafood in general. But there are some ‘bad’ things that, with a little bit of research, I have not felt that bad about ingesting. There’s a middle ground between blindly eating what you want, or blindly following the rules without looking into why they’re in place.

So… banned things I have enjoyed?

  • Caffeine — Some places tell you no caffeine at all, some places say avoid excess caffeine. I, occasionally, have one coffee, loaded down with all kinds of milk (or half a coffee, plus milk). One time I had a Barq’s root beer. And some iced tea.

Risks While Pregnant
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