The Parasite Mom: Reluctantly Letting Go

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[Editor's Note: As a reforming helicopter parent, it makes me feel more human (read: less freakish) to know that other moms struggle with the letting go process. Julie at Mama Drama has been learning to let go and let her daughter learn some tough lessons -- and she's doing it with a sense of humor that made me snort laugh. -Jenna]

The Tapeworm Mom:

Fasciola hepatica x 400magI am not a Let Go parent. I am a Hold On Tight parent.

Helicopter parents? "Rookies!" I scoff.

I am more like a Tick parent. A Leech parent. An Internal Parasite parent.

Not because I am a psycho controlling nutcase, for which the case could certainly be made. Rather, it’s because of love. It’s because of an aching love for my children that makes the mama bear in me wrap her arms tightly around precious little bodies so no harm will ever come to them. You know, it’s the kind of love that suffocates children and renders them void of any life skills. Or so I’ve heard.


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