Taste The Rainbow: That Time I Was Offered Drugs

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[Editor's Note: I remember being traumatized as a child in the 80's with stories of needles and razors and all manner of tainted Halloween candy. My parents didn't have to beg me not to eat any candy before they checked it; I was scared of that candy! I was also on high alert for anyone offering me drugs. Oh, the 80's. That's why I laughed so hard at Kayla's candy-slash-Halloween story at Only Slightly Neurotic. Grab some candy and give it a read this Halloween. It's worth it! -Jenna]

Halloween candy and the Time I Was Offered Drugs:

14/365I also believed everything my parents told me, which is why long after Halloween had passed I was still under the assumption that all candy offered from strangers was either A) meant to lure me into a waiting car where I would then be the next child to appear on a milk carton or B) shot up with heroin in an effort to get me hooked on drugs.

I had wandered over to the little display of toy machines was carefully deliberating between a plastic ring, a Lisa Frank sticker or a gumball (those are hard choices when you are six always) when I was approached by two other little girls about my age. They were sharing a pack of skittles, which I side-eyed because my own mother did not believe in buying checkout line candy so obviously these children were some sort of heathens. They asked me my name and what grade I was in and discussed which Lisa Frank stickers were the best ones in the toy machine. The little blonde girl tipped the bag of Skittles towards me. “Do you want some Skittles?” she asked.

My eyes grew wide and I took a small step back. It was happening. I was being offered drugs.


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