We Don't Thank Teachers Enough

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[Editor's Note: Several times this year, I have said to my husband, "I could never be a Kindergarten teacher." I think our son's teacher is amazing, because every time I go in to volunteer, I want to pull out my hair. How on Earth do they handle SO MANY QUESTIONS IN A ROW?! Colleen at The Ranunculus Adventure recently got to substitute for a full week and had an eye-opening experience. I laughed and then vowed to buy our son's teacher a great gift -- without the word teacher on it! -Jenna]

Teachers, Saints:

Great TeacherWe do not appreciate people who care for children enough.

Seriously, people.

I don't have kids yet, but when I do, I will try and remember this week. I will remember the sheer amount of willpower and strength and patience it takes to work with numerous children. I have never done anything so emotionally and physically exhausting in my life. 12 hour design marathons? They are NOTHING compared to 8 hours with 10 toddlers. They are like little terrorists. (That you love, obviously.) They cough and run and pull your hair and grab each other's faces and kick and take off their shoes or pants every five minutes. They are suicidal, they are homicidal and they won't eat things that are mixed together and they love putting yogurt in their eyeballs.

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