Teaching Jobs Are Often Like Heredity Titles

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Still looking around the internet on sources about the rampant nepotism in public education, and I came across this beauty of a 2011 thread on Teachers.net, where the truth more often than not gets written.This was on the New Jersey discussion board, but it applies everywhere. Responses to a question of how common nepotism is in respondents' districts: If you are the son, daughter, niece or nephew of someoneor or close to someone such as a chief school administratoror are an ex-mayor or ex-cop on a hefty pension you have ashot of getting hired.If you are just a hard working, smart person, with a realpassion for teacher, Good Luck ...Unions cannot help with nepotism if you are not part of aunion...Unfortunately, there is not much we can do. Where I live, alot of the teachers have husbands or wives that work in thedistrict. . . .

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