Teaching My Daughter To Love Her Body Starts with Me

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Editor's Note: "Summer is here!" the magazines scream, invariably following up with the inevitable question: "Are you bikini-ready?" What does that mean? Why do we spend so much of our lives letting it haunt us? More importantly -- do we pass that doubt along to our daughters? In this post at A Lot of Loves, Marilyn makes a commitment to spare her daughter that toxic self-doubt.

And what I wanted to say to her then, but didn’t (darn self-editing) is that I fear whatever it was that happened to us as young girls to make us believe that we couldn’t wear the bikini or the wrap dress or the skinny jeans? What happened to the group of us to make us brush our self-confidence under that rug? How can I make sure it doesn’t infect my daughter?

Photo by Don Johnson. (Flickr)

Without knowing it, I might be poisoning her with toss away statements about my body not being “right” in some way, and the thought that she might come to believe that she is anything other than beautiful and strong and confident fills me with more than a little panic.

So what I wanted to say to my acquaintance at the party, is what I find I need to tell myself: If I am to teach my daughter to love herself, I have to show her how; I have to start with me.

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