Teaching Stranger Danger to Special Needs Kids Is Hard Work

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[Editor's Note: Last week we shared a hilarious post about stranger danger. It was hilarious because of the way it was written and because no one got hurt. The truth is that teaching our kids about safety and strangers isn't always fun or funny; it can be downright terrifying. It's hard for kids to grasp the concept that some strangers may want to hurt them, sometimes even harder when special needs are involved. Sharon at Mama's Turn Now recently had a scary run-in with her son, who has autism, and a stranger. She thought he understood -- but he didn't. -Jenna]

PLEASE to not ASSUME Your 11-year-old Aspie Gets Stranger Danger:

I’m So TiredI assumed that he understood the concept of Stranger Danger, that he got it. Since he was a toddler we have talked about strangers. Safety social stories were as frequently read as the Cat in the Hat in my home. I knew my boy was friendly but I never worried about him, because I assumed he understood.When the video about the guy trying to take the girl in Wal-Mart vent viral last year… I had both my kids watch it and then we discussed it! They answered all the questions I asked correctly. I ASSUMED he understood!

I WAS WRONG PEOPLE! Something happened that opened my eyes to the reality. And it scares the hell out of me.

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