Are iPads & Smartphones Harming Our Kids' Speech Skills?

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Editor's Note: For all of the educational advantages we claim that technology provides our children, the question remains as to whether or not these advantages come at the cost of other benefits. Katie at Playing with Words 365 provides some great points and asks some important questions about language skills and technology. What are your thoughts? -Jenna

Is Technology Damaging Our Children's Speech & Language Skills?:

Being transparent with you all and honest…I do think (and always have) that technology can definitely hinder speech and language development. And here is why. The time spent (for a child) on the iPad is….

  • …time the child is not playing with his open ended toys
  • …time not being spent having a back-and-forth conversation with his mother, father, or siblings.
  • …time not being used to read books with mommy and daddy
  • …time not being spent outside playing
  • …time not spent exploring pretend play with peers

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