#TechSeven - Making sense of a disappeared plane

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It's been a particularly eventful week in tech, and as I do every Friday, I was on-air live with Barry Morgan on CJAD 800 Montreal to run down the biggest stories. In case you missed it, hre's what we chatted about:ONE - Malaysian Airlines phantom cellphone callsAmid the agonizing search for answers in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 somewhere between Kuala Lampur and Beijing - or perhaps way out in the Indian Ocean - this disturbing piece of news: some family members of the flight's passengers say they've been trying to phone their loved ones, and instead of going right to voicemail (as you would expect if the phone was powered off or destroyed) they're actually ringing. Other family members say they've gone online and seen their loved ones active in the popular Chinese social media service QQ. . . .

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