A Tequila Cocktail with the Christmas Spirit

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[Editor's Note: I'm not a fan of too-sweet cocktails at any point in the year, but particularly not at the holidays, when there are already so many sweet temptations in circulation. That's why I appreciate cocktails like this one: they may be festive in color and flavor, but they're sophisticated and not too saccharin. --Genie]

A Christmas Tequila Cocktail to Egg your Noggin

Tis the season of gingerbread and peppermint flavored cocktails. UGH! How many gingerbread men must give their innocent lives for the making of a cocktail that is typically so syrupy sweet it might as well be served in a mason jar complete with a spoon for scooping out every last precious drop of stickiness?

Christmas Tequila Cocktail

Image Credit: My Man's Belly, used by permission.

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