Thankful to Learn Lessons from My Teenagers

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One of the things that I have learned since I became a parent is that our children provide Continuing Education Credits in the School of Life. I learn something new everyday. I'm not alone, as Andrea at Gold Coast Mama proves with her recent post detailing 43 things she's learned from her teenagers. Some are funny. All are true. I mean, condiments are a deeply personal choice.

She shares some funny wisdom with us


Thank You! White Chocolate Feast for Kids May 04, 20101-13As the mom of four teenage boys, every one of the last 6,000+ days has been a learning adventure. I recently decided to reflect on some of the -- uhhhh -- “wisdom” my guys have imparted to me directly, as well as several axioms I have learned while parenting them. I’m proud and simultaneously a little horrified to share a bunch of these insightful (i.e. questionably useful) nuggets of knowledge:

  • 1. Humans smell markedly better when they use soap in the shower.
  • 2. Wise-assery is hereditary.
  • 3. Wearing a blue blazer improves behavior.
  • 4. “Please” and “thank you” are still cool.
  • 5. When your team loses, a good night’s sleep erases some of the sting.

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