There are Things You Can Only Get From Facebook

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[Editor's Note: House of Peanut has so many good reasons for why she can't quit Facebook despite going through periods of time when she is unhappy with the site.  I related to all three of her reasons and could even add a few more to my list including a way to see photos without having the attachments take up space on my email program or being able to listen without having to respond. --Mel]

I know there are lots of detractors out there who say "conversing" via status updates and the occasional chat is not real friendship, and stalking reading other people's daily minutiae isn't building relationships either.  But those people are usually extroverts.  For my introvert self, who HATES talking on the phone, Facebook allows me to choose when I want to be social and outgoing.  As my geek hubby calls it, "asynchronous communication" rocks.

Why can't you quit Facebook?  What do you get out of the site that you can't get anywhere else?

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