Is There Hope for the Strong-Willed Child?

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[Editor's Note: Do you have a strong-willed child? One who can look you straight in the eye and say, "No," with a foot stomp and a face that just screams, "Go ahead and try to make me." You're not alone. Linds at A Dollop of My Life is struggling with her three-year-old and feels like she's out of ideas. Care to lend some advice -- or just an understanding, sympathetic nod? -Jenna]

My Strong Willed Child: A Cry for Help:

UntitledYall, I feel like a failure. Nothing I do is working, and Drew feels the same way. Brayden doesn't just do this in public; it's an everyday occurrence, even if we are at home. Most of our friends aren't blessed with children quite as strong willed or outwardly defiant. And many tell me that someday I'll be grateful for his strong will and determination. I try to agree with them, but I'm mostly left emotionally drained and exhausted, not knowing how I will face yet another day or quarrels and fights with my 3 year old. Have any of you dealt with something similar and found something that works for your child? At this point we're all ears for something that may work. Feel free to email me if you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment. And above all, pray for me. Lord knows I need all the prayer I can get!

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