There's A Lot I Shoud Be Doing

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^ see above.That. All of that. Instead, I'm sitting here staring at the large mess on my floor of Christmas that has yet to find a home (ya know, because it's only in a temporary home due to the impending move BACK to Hawaii so it's far easier to lay it all out on the ground and have it stare back at me), the piles of e-mails that need a response, and the daunting task of updating all the millions amazing blog readers I have on just what exactly I've been up to.All of this would be fine and dandy if I didn't have family to spend time with, a bridal shower AND bachelorette party to attend (for myself) and a fiance who has to go back to Hawaii far too soon than I care to admit.In the meantime, I'm trying to get all the ducks in a row. . . .

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