They Aren't "Centrists"

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Almost all of the D.C. political spectrum these days is between far right and batshit crazy. The Democratic Party has been hijacked by neoliberal policymakers, billionaires, and Wall Street crooks, and it doesn't have to be an organized group called Third Way, either.The Democratic Party isn't the same party it was even ten years ago, the Rubenites and Clintonites notwithstanding, and it has gotten outright awful with the election in 2008 of a total fake in the White House.I don't know where Paul Krugman has been all these years. It's been obvious the Democratic Party has been infected with a cancer called neoliberalism, and the party is now in a terminal stage unless or until these frauds are purged from the party.The Third Way is part of the neoliberal game that most of our politicians in D.C. subscribe to in one way or the other. . . .

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