They've Got Us Over a Barrel

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It's pure genius, let me tell you. One of the big "arguments" of neoliberals, wingnuts, and what-have-you is that government is "inefficient," it doesn't "work," and it is the "problem." Then their preferred officials get in there and don't do a goddamned thing or do only things that help the economic elite and screw over the rest of us as "proof" "government doesn't work."It's win-win for them, lose-lose for the rest of us.These useless bastards in Washington, D.C. Congress, and that's probably 90 percent and counting, "work" for a few days before Easter recess, and I use that term "work" liberally, and then they take off for weeks on end. Then they return back to "work" for three or four days for a couple or three weeks, then take off another month for a three-day-weekend "recess" for Memorial Day. . . .

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