Things That Make You Earn Less Money

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Perhaps you've seen the Time article or heard the buzz about Daniel Hamermesh's new book, Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful. Or perhaps you've just glanced sidelong at the extremely attractive people in your office who always seem to come out on top and wondered, "is it really because they're hot? Am I imagining it?" I'm not sure I want to debate hotness, but the comments in human resources blogger Laurie's post point out some more disturbing allegations regarding how hiring decisions get made.

Laurie writes:

Except HR professionals know that we could absolutely automate our hiring process, kill behavior-based interviewing, and hire for competency. Then we could do the hard work of defining and measuring performance via algorithms and automate the annual increase/bonus process.

But the pretty people won’t let us.

The comments are even more interesting.

Naked job interview

Credit Image: quinn.anya on Flickr

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