The Ten Commandments of Blog Comments

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Editor's Note: Ever wish someone would set the rules once and for all when it comes to blog comments?  Creating Motherhood is giving it a go with her post on the 10 commandments of blog commenting.  The reality is that as more and more people read blogs on mobile devices, as well as want to comment from said mobile devices, it makes sense to change the way we expect people to leave comments on our blogs and make them as easy as possible. --Mel

After spending some time reading yesterday evening I realized that I have some VERY specific gripes about how some sites manage their comments. (Don’t even get me started on contests and giveaways.)

When it comes right down to it the easier it is to leave a comment on your post the more likely you will be to receive comments.

What are your dos and do nots when it comes to blog comments?

10 Commandments

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