Thoughts on Mary and Motherhood at Easter

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Easter is this Sunday and lots of plans for meals and family are being made. For those who celebrate the religious aspects of the holiday, it's also a time of reflection. I found Brenda of Brooklyn's post about motherhood and Mary and the Memorare to be rather mind-blowing. She has been sharing some, as she puts it, "wildly over-the-top spirituality from our Catholic tradition (and a few others)." This one, though I'm not Catholic, spoke to me on that core level of motherhood (and I feel like I learned a lot, too).

Brenda explains how her thoughts of Mary changed over the years:

Mary Holding Baby JesusMy relationship with Mary has "evolved," as we say these days instead of admitting we were wrong. Growing up in the 1970s, I found her rather irrelevant: What kind of role model was both Virgin and Mother? One to make all us gals fall short, it seemed. Much later, pregnant and searching to allay my fears, I stumbled on New Agey advice that described how Native American women would connect to a female spirit ancestor. Wait, I've got one of those. The experience of childbirth erased the sappy image of a thousand holy cards and replaced it with a gutsy human whose body did the hard work of bringing a precious Life into this world. And motherhood shocked me with its intimacy and fierce protectiveness; if a broken heart could link Heaven and Earth, hers must have been the one.

Photo Credit: George Smyly.

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