3 Great Movies for Expectant Moms

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Editor's Note: I'm really glad that documentaries about birthing have come a long way since I was pregnant with my firstborn. I don't remember much about the double-VHS that I watched in 2003, other than it made me feel like I was going to fail before I got to the hospital. Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D. shared three movies at Reel Life with Jane that might benefit today's expectant mothers trying to make sense of labor, delivery and their emotions about both. Check out all three. -Jenna

Three Movies for Pregnant Women: ‘Orgasmic Birth,’ ‘Birth Story’ and ‘The Business of Being Born’:

Birth Story
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3. Birth Story (watch instantly on their web site). This 2013 feature-length film about the most famous midwife in America, Ina May Gaskin, explores how Ina May and her husband started an intentional community in Tennessee and how she and other direct-entry midwives bring tremendous skill, kindness, and compassion to the births they attend.

I know I sound conservative, but I wish the film had skipped the philosophy about dropping acid and the hippie dancing. Still, it’s just so much fun to see a gray-haired Ina May doing squats against a door jam to show a pregnant woman how to jumpstart her labor, and watch her make a TV host blush by talking about sphincter muscles on prime time TV.

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