Three Voices on Chat Lists

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I felt so frustrated that I was thinking of going no mail from a discussion group I am on.It is getting to the point where I know the point of views that the frequent posters hold.I called a friend to share my annoyance after dealing with one of the types and she said these list have three kinds of people, so, she avoids them.1. The Anxiety Filled (aka The Desperate), or less extreme: The One Needing Some Support and Encouragement, or Someone Seeking Answers (note that type can be either reasonable and justified or just lazy: check Google first and also search the archives).2. The One Right Way (I will insert, aka The Know It All) Question Answerer3. The Voice of Reason (Presents an opinion but suggests alternatives, or tells of multiple options, or repeats the "there are many paths to the same goal" mantra, or "this option usually works for this type of kid and that option works best for that other type of kid").In certain topics such as "should teens smoke pot" I would fall into #2 to say my opinion of no. However so little of homeschooling falls into this category for ME. . . .

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