Tiffany Baker's "The Gilly Salt Sisters"

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I loved Tiffany Baker's New York Times bestselling novel, The Little Giant of Aberdeen County and was happy to have the chance to interview her for BlogHer. I've been eagerly waiting the arrival of The Gilly Salt Sisters, which she mentioned in my interview with her. She told us that it had a healthy dose of magic, a really captivating setting, and characters she hoped we won’t forget. Based on the reviews I've read so far, including this one from Christa at Hooked On Books, it was all that Baker said it would be and more. - Karen

tiffany baker the gilly salt sisterBy far the most amazing thing about this novel was the characters. From Jo, a firm rock that stands strong throughout the novel, to Claire, who is full of surprises, to Dee who adds just the right amount of tension to make things interesting. I even loved the secondary characters like Whit and Ethan. Everyone in this book was just so fascinating! You really felt like you were getting to know them and by the end of it all you felt heavily investment in what was to come.

And then there's the salt. A character onto itself. It seems strange that salt could be like a character but I can think of no better way to describe its role in those book.

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