The Time I Buttered the Dog

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In this hilarious post, a chubby, misguided pooch gets herself stuck in the bars of a baby gate and a buttery strategy is quickly devised:

"'WHY. WOULD. WE. BUTTER. THE. DOG?' Jeff asks me as he attempts to pry the PRACTICALLY STEEL BARS of the baby gate apart. I decided against remarking about that since he had just valiantly tried to save my life and all. 'BECAUSE JEFF. One time I read this Baby-Sitter’s Club book and Jackie Rodowski, you know, The Walking Disaster? No? Well, he gets hand hand stuck in a jar of mayonnaise. Or maybe pickles. Probably pickles. Anyhow, the babysitters had to smear butter all around his hand to get it to pop out of the jar. And I’m pretty sure that works in real life. Which means we’re going to need to slather Lucy Dog with butter.'"


Dog Butter


Image credit: Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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