Time to Weigh-in on the Relevance of Algebra

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By Heather Sanders To begin with, and for the record, this year I began facilitating Meredith and Kenny’s introduction to Pre-Algebra, while simultaneously reviewing Algebra 1 alongside Emelie so we could proceed through Algebra 2 and complete her Math requirements before the apocalypse (or better yet, the end of this Summer). Since we unknowingly and somewhat foolishly, shoved Geometry in between Algebra 1 and 2, Emelie had all of last year to forget most of what she likely never grasped of Algebra 1 in the first place. This ability to brain-dump that which is memorized quickly for a quiz is all too familiar to me as I managed it effectively both in high school and college, but I swore my kids’ education would be different; enter humble pie pig-out. . . .

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