Times Are Changing, but Our Girls Are Still Being Sexually Harassed

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I think, just maybe, our kids are pretty lucky. They may have to deal with some awful things like we did -- bullying, sexual "stuff" -- and the added drama of online interactions, but they also have parents who are tech savvy and, for lack of a better term, parents who have "been there, done that." I say all of this as Mir, one of our Contributing Editors here at BlogHer, shared a blood-boiling story of how her daughter was sexually harassed this week on the Off Our Chests blog.

She has continued to share a bit more on her blog today, which continues to make my blood boil, but she also shares that her daughter is finding comfort in the general uproar of Mir's Internet community.

Here's what Mir wrote about the harassment:

Red hazeI have a teenage daughter and she adores me one minute and hates me the next. She's looking to me for guidance and pushing me away, and despite how busy I've been, and how I keep thinking that maybe next year I'll be less busy, a nagging thought in the back of my head has said "Do it now."

Maybe it's related, maybe it's not, but yesterday my daughter was subjected to sexual harassment at school. Yesterday my 13-year-old was SEXUALLY HARASSED at her MIDDLE SCHOOL. Take a moment with that, if you will.

We're dealing with it. The administration is dealing with it. I'm confident it will all be taken care of in an appropriate manner, and she's okay, but the biggest hurdle in all of this is that she's terrified of the backlash from being "a tattletale." Because the kids involved were "just horsing around" and "kids will be mad that I got them in trouble."

Mir then goes on to share a time when she was harassed -- back in the day -- and nothing was done at all. Yes, I think our children might have it a little better. Please go read and offer Mir some support -- and her daughter.

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