Tiny Talk - Not a Baby & "egg" Hunt

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"Tan you help me (r)wide my bike?" and then he's off;) Growing up too fast:) 2 weeks and 3 days until he's 4! How is that possible?????Nate and I were talking about the days and weeks left until his birthday and he said,"Oh, why can't it only be 2 days left?" ************************************And taking the crew to the grocery store is finally getting easier and easier;) The older ones mess with each other sometimes but have learned it to their benefit to help me so we get out of the store more quickly.Nate though is still learning:/ While he wants to walk freely about, usually he ends up in the front basket where he is contained and can't wander. But that often is NOT what he wants and is protested loudly by cries of "I am NOT a baby!" LOL!!So yes, even though it IS getting easier.... . . .

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