Tips for Creating a Resume That Shines

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A resume that gets you noticed is critical in today's business climate. So many students (and adults) don't know how to write an effective one. I can personally attest to having attended business fairs as an expert and seen some the state in which some resumes that come across the desk (they scream file me in the round can). Here are tips and a strong example of how to do an effective resume from a student career counselor.

Since becoming a Career Counselor, I have been very surprised at how many students have no idea how to write an effective resume. In today's job market, having a professionally written resume is critical. The employers we work with say they generally spend about 10-15 seconds looking at a resume for a first round interview for an entry level position. While there is no definite right or wrong way to format a resume, you do want to make sure that you are able to convey important, relevant information in a way that will allow an employer to gain the information they are looking for by scanning over your document.

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