Tips on Finding a Quality Preschool

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[Editor's Note: Open enrollment for fall admission to preschools is underway -- whether you know it or not. We have been in love with our preschool for the past four years when our older son started, but it wasn't without searching and fretting about the right fit. Jillian at A Mom with a Lesson Plan has tips for finding a good preschool. In fact, she has a whole series, so you should click on through. How did you find a good preschool for your child? -Jenna]

Finding a Preschool:

How to Find a Quality PreschoolFinding the right preschool for your family and your little one can be challenging, but in the long run you will be so glad that your little one is in a quality preschool! So treat this decision accordingly.

Our Preschool Story

My sister and I joined forces when we started our preschool search. Big M and Cousin S would start at the same time and go to school together. Both of us have experience working in a childcare center and a home family childcare… we were excited to start combing through preschools. We were quickly snapped into reality when we realized it was going to be harder than we thought. There appeared to be a shortage of preschools (or quality ones anyway). YIKES!

We continued to follow the steps we knew would get us to the exactly the place we were looking for… and I am so glad we were patient.

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