Tips for Getting & Staying Connected (Even During the Holidays!)

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With the holiday season slamming into us, it can seem overwhelming enough to get everything done -- let alone stay connected to our children. I loved this timely list of tips from Zoie at Touchstonez that gives great ideas for parents to get more connected to their children. Today. Right now. This second. And they're all things that can be done even with the hustle and bustle of the season.

Her first three tips:

get connected

  • Turn off the electronics. Yes, there are always things to do and people to reply to. If you’re not willing to turn these off to be a connected parent right now, then try another time when you do want to. And it’s better to be honest with yourself about this up front and do this when you really want to. You’re the only one who is going to know or judge yourself for when you feel most ready to unplug and tune into your child.

  • Stop, Look, and Listen. Whatever your expectations about connecting with your child, stop holding onto them. Get down with your child and look at what they’re interested in from their point of view. Stop and look them in the eyes, this time not from adult height, but from child-level. Listen to what they have to say and then ask simple questions to open them up more about it. Be interested.

  • Be out of control. Stop being the parent for awhile. It’s okay to let go of being in charge of the situation. This means, don’t structure or plan. Don’t look at the clock. Just see where your child wants to explore and go along for the ride.

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