Tips for Helping Your Kid Learn to Read

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[Editor's Note: As school begins and parents are faced with new progress reports and learning challenges, I thought featuring Bossy Girl's post about how she helped her son read when he was struggling would be a good idea. She has great tips, from how you can help to how you should stay in touch with your child's teacher. It's a great read that might offer hope to another family dealing with a reading issue as school begins. -Jenna]

What I Did When My Son Could Not Read:

FocusShe told me in “no uncertain terms” if D.J. could not read efficently by the end of 1st grade she would retain him.

I wanted to get mad. I wanted to blame her but I couldn’t. I came to the realization that it was MY fault that my son was struggling. I had spent so much time helping other children that I neglected my own child when it came to his learning. You see D.J. went to Pre K and did well but I knew that his work in Kindgarten was too easy and not challenging him. So wanting to be “diplomatic” I allowed him to sit in a classroom and relearn everything he had already learned despite everything in my body telling me to move him out of the classroom he was in. When he got to first grade and was expected to know his parts of speech, read whole books,etc. –he wasn’t ready.

After we got home and I got him to sleep, I sat up all night and cried. By the morning my tears were gone and I began to get angry all over again. By the time I dropped him back off at school I knew I could not let my bright, wide eyed, little man become a statistic –I had to do something


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