Tips to Make Your Six-Year-Old's Birthday Suck Less

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I just threw a birthday party for my six-year-old last weekend. So when I happened upon a post entitled "Birthday Parties Suck," and it was about six-year-old birthday parties, I yelled, "OH! SOMEONE GETS ME!" This post at Parental Parody has some great tips for you to follow as you're getting ready to throw a birthday party for your favorite new elementary school-aged child. Best of luck to you. You're gonna need it.

She starts off sharing what's the worst part about the difference from five to six:

Sixth BirthdayNow, despite the fact that the trauma is still fresh, I'm going to delve into the birthday celebrations in more detail.

6, not that much different to 5, as far as ages go. A mere 12 months older, to be exact – except now that they’re all schooled up, they have taken on the attitudes (complete with eye rolling, hands on hips, and flouncy body movements) of their tween elders at school.

The effect of this is multiplied, in stereo, HD, surround sound, THREE-FREAKING-D...when they are being egged on by their peers. Like, for instance, at a birthday party...

So I’ve created a few tips for anyone else not yet screwed blessed with hosting a 6yr old’s birthday party.

Do humour your offspring when they ask you to run through the guest list a bazillion times in the weeks leading up to the party. The list they put together. The list they know by heart, and correct you on, should you mis-pronounce a name or forget anyone.

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