A Heart-Warming Show of Love by Teens

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[Editor's Note: In case you are having a severe case of the Bah Humbugs or in case you have seriously begun to doubt for our future based on the teenage antics you see online or at the mall, this post is for you. It is full of hope and meaning and joy. There is hope and it is in these teens. Thank you, Karen at The Rocking Pony, for sharing their actions with us. -Jenna]

Tis the Season of Giving:

img_6114-rawMy teens realized that one of the many friends who visit often could use a new pair of shoes. They discussed this among themselves and decided that they would buy shoes to supply that need. The money they had equaled a pair of shoes, but I couldn't be outdone by my own kids. I tossed in a few dollars, and the teens decided to buy a new pair of jeans with the money. The friend could probably use a new pair of jeans as well. And then word got around, and adults were moved by the fact that the teens were so generous and good hearted, and we had more and more money come in. It was so awesome to behold. At one point, we were hard pressed to find things to spend the money on, we got that much.


Photo Credit: mulad.

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