How to Make A Toblerone Cocktail

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[Editor's Note: It's rare that you'll find me sipping on a sweet cocktail, and even rarer that I'll order one that leans toward the dessert end of the drinking spectrum—my taste leans toward the boozy and dry, not the sugary. But I will admit that I had a bit of an obsession as a kid with Toblerone bars—their distinctive shape (perfect for breaking into pieces to dole out to friends or, sometimes, stuffed animals) fascinated me, and I loved how they tasted. As a result, I'm especially curious about this cocktail, particularly because it creates a little bit of magic by not even including a chocolate ingredient in the mix! --Genie]

Toblerone Cocktail

It’s hard to top the feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction you get when taking a bite of your favorite candy bar, and while I truly enjoy eating my calories, there are times when drinking them is just as enjoyable. Made without a drop of chocolate liqueur, yet tasting just like the popular Swiss chocolate Toblerone. This fantastic little cocktail manages to do exactly that.

Toblerone Cocktail

Image Credit: Daydreamer Desserts, used by permission.

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