The Time the Tooth Fairy Forgot to Come

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[Editor's Note: Has the Tooth Fairy ever dropped the ball at your house? We're five for five at our house, but only because I sat straight up in bed at three o'clock one night having had a nightmare about the Tooth Fairy. Chicago Chick recently had the experience that all parents fear they might have to endure: the Tooth Fairy forgot to come. -Jenna]

Tooth Fairies Are More Like Us Than You'd Guess:

tooth fairy pillowThis weekend, my youngest son lost his first tooth. He was very excited - once he got over crying about the pain. Seriously, what pain? We put his tooth in the magical Tooth Fairy cloth bag and put it under his pillow. Morning came and I heard him start to wake up and then I remembered that I had forgotten to put anything under his pillow. I quickly (and quietly) grabbed a dollar and a couple of quarters and tried to beat him to the magical Tooth Fairy cloth bag.

It was too late. He had his hand in the bag and was rummaging around for the loot.

Photo Credit: Rachel Tayse.

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