Pregnancy Jokes Aren’t Funny When You’re Infertile, OK?

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Editor's note: When you're struggling with infertility, hearing your friends say, "I'm pregnant!" can be a painful of experience. And if that "announcement" turns out to be a joke, it can hurt even worse. Here, "Single Infertile Female (S.I.F.)" Leah talks about a time when one friend's pregnancy prank threw her for a loop, and why. It's a lesson in sensitivity we could all learn from. – Judy

You just don’t joke about pregnancy! Not when there are so many women in this world who would kill for the swelling belly they may never be able to achieve. I never got to the punch line before I started crying. Sobbing really. Giant crocodile tears sliding down my cheeks. I had believed myself to be past that stage, and had not thought I was capable of being brought to tears by pregnancy announcements so easily anymore. And I was frustrated that something which could bring me such pain could also be viewed as a joke by others.

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