Why All the Gender Marketing? Don't Boys Like to Cook?

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[Editor's Note: My brother and I had a kitchen set growing up. It was red and white and totally loved by both of us. I got my sons a thrifted kitchen set a few years ago that was white and green and very obviously made in the 80's. I went that route because I ran into the same problem that Aisha Iqbal ran into recently: All the "modern day" kitchen sets were pink-ified. Like her, I questioned the message more than the color. What about you? -Jenna]

On Toys, Gender Roles and Marketing Away Our Creativity:

VickieLynn's Minis!!Attempting to find something for my son that would not be an advertisement for a cartoon company, I went to the toy kitchens: all pink and purple with images of grinning girls in frocks. Don't get me wrong. My son has a pink stroller and a lavender tea seat and I'm fine with it but the whole color-coded and thus gender-appropriate marketing messages is just getting pretty damn old. What is the message? Boys can't cook? They can't push their children in strollers or pour tea for pretend friends? Why on earth are these simple activities of human life taboo in the toy aisle? Didn't we move beyond these limits as a culture?

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