Traditions, Christmas Trees & Kids: Nothing What I Expected

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[Editor's Note: Is your Christmas tree not quite what you expected? Are you confused as to how to start family traditions or what it all entails? I encourage you to read this post about how a tradition evolved over at mamawolfe. Our Christmas is really nothing as I had imagined before we had kids either; it's so much better. -Jenna]

Christmas Tree Traditions: Another Way Kids Rocked My World:

20081214_7143 Enter the Christmas tree tradition. With visions of how it is supposed to be, we strapped baby into a backpack and headed out. The first problem arose when we realized that in central California, Christmas trees don’t grow the way the look in the movies. Here, our 100+ degree summers produce scraggly, misshapen and downright ugly pine trees. At least the ones we saw.

Humbled, muddy and on our last nerve, we loaded back into the car and headed for Target. The price was right, and the Christmas carols over the speaker system did add a certain festive charm. If Charlie Brown could do it, so could we. It would look better with decorations, we decided. 30 minutes later we shoved the tree in the car and headed home. Mission accomplished.


Photo Credit: ludiecocrane.

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