Trash to Treasure: The Holiday Hubcap

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A crafty blogger finally finds a seasonal reason for her compulsion to 'save' lost hubcaps, thus, a beautiful and clever trash upcycle is born:

"First off, a few things. I did not steal the hubcap. I used to collect hubcaps by the side of the road in high school. It was kind of a rite of passage or the cost of gas if someone rode in my car. I gave rides to loads of underclassmen my senior year and I think that they enjoyed leaping out of the car to snag a stray hubcap as much as I enjoyed making them do it. I think I ended up with 50 or so by the end of the year. I always meant to do something with them, but they ended up getting tossed when I went to college."


Holiday Hubcap


Image credit: Kirsten Oliphant via I Still Hate Pickles.

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