Dog Bans: Rethinking Breed-Specific Legislation

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Editor's Note: Over 600 cities have enacted breed-specific laws about dogs, including my former home, Denver, which banned the pit bull breed. But this blogger and dog lover cites plenty of research -- such facts from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) -- to argue against such laws. What do you think? --Heather

Any breed of dog can bite. Any breed of dog can and will even turn on their owner under the right set of circumstances. Any breed of dog, when threatened, hungry or desperate, will revert back to their hunting instincts if necessary.

At least 25 breeds of dogs have been implicated in dog bite fatalities in the last 20 years, including breeds thought to be harmless such as the cocker spaniel.

I've been bitten once in my a chihuahua.


Image: ©Lara Cerri/Tampa Bay Times/ZUMA Press.

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