My Biggest Parenting Fear: He's Not Mine

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Editor's Note: We all have fears as a parent. It's par for the course with the loving and raising of little ones. But as I read Tiffany's recent post at A Moment Cherished, my heart seized and I felt the weight of her fear. How would you feel, readers, if your deepest fear was that the son you loved could be sent away, sent back, at any moment? Her post is heart-breaking and inspiring in the same breath. -Jenna

The Truth Is:

The truth is, he's not mine.

As much as I feel like he is, as much as I know in my heart that he is my son, and that there is no difference with the way I love him, then if I had carried him nine months and birthed him; I also realize that beyond that, I have no real, legal rights to him as my son. And just being completely transparent, it is a scary place to be. I have lost my heart completely to this child. I am trying to savor every single moment, with the knowing that it could be taken away. It makes me physically sick to understand what that means - for him - for us.

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