Trying to Talk to People During a Tweetstorm

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[Editor's Note: Generally we think of a Tweet going viral as a good thing, but A Mommy Story found out that the reaction you get from your followers (who know you) is very different from the reaction you might get from the general world (who don't know you). It's an eye-opening post about how our words may be taken by those who are reading us out of context as well as how words can travel well beyond our circle of followers. --Mel]

A few retweets of that tweet began, then a few more, then my Twitter stream blew up in a jumble of retweets, replies of praise, and a whole lot of mean.

Following the trail of retweets didn't help me find how I ended up in the tweet cross-hairs of so many who were determined to unleash their venom on me. It might have been a journalist of a liberal magazine (I don't know it, but clearly a lot of others do) who retweeted my statement, which somehow got it onto the screens of a bunch of people who don't feel the same as me.

The story continues with A Mommy Story responding to every single one of the tweets she received in turn, and that is where things get interesting...

Have you ever tried to hold a conversation with people during a Tweetstorm?

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