Tweeting While Watching: Where Twitter Meets Television

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Raise your hand if you like to watch television with the rest of the Twitterverse? Is the answer different if it's a weekly show vs. a one-time event such as the Oscars? Do you have a standing date to tweet through House? Does reading what other people are saying about the thing you're watching heighten your enjoyment? You're definitely not alone.

Ciao Mom has a great post about watching television and tweeting at the same time. She explains,

It is no longer about just watching the show. We are synthesizing, formulating opinions, and crafting messages to convey what we are watching. Sometimes we are even interacting with the show itself, with hashtags publicized by the channel. Bravo Top Chef is a prime example of this as they display the hashtags and twitter profiles throughout the programming. I will be honest and admit that there are even shows (The Bachelor being one) that I would not have watched if it were not for the lively twitter stream to engage me.

Go read Ciao Mom's wonderful deconstruction of the space where Twitter and television meet, and then tell us: What is your favourite show to tweet about?

Photo Credit: Television via Shutterstock.

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