Twitter Cleanup: Who Have You Unfollowed Today?

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Everyone cringes over the unfollow accusation -- that moment when you're put on the spot (usually publicly) and asked why you either unfollowed a person on Twitter or never followed them back in the first place. Perhaps severing the online branch of a close relationship demands some explanation, but what about those dozens of people who you don't really know and didn't really think twice about unfollowing... until they called you on it.

Cocktail Deeva has a great post about unfollowing people and why people should clean up their social media accounts even more than they do.

I Unfollow people every day and get Unfollowed… well hourly I am sure. To me that is the beauty of Twitter. Your stream should be ever changing. Unfollow the people who don’t engage, keep the ones you enjoy tweeting with and search for new tweeters that you want to engage with.

Have you ever been called out for unfollowing someone?

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