Two Moms, One Daughter: Caught Between Roles of Motherhood

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Editor's Note: The push and pull of motherhood is one that we all feel. In our own ways, for our own reasons, certain things will affect us. Lisa at One Thankful Mom had a moment of realizing that her reaction to things her children say are shaped by having her feet firmly entrenched on two sides of motherhood. It's a moving piece. -Jenna

Two Moms, One Daughter:

Bee shared this photo on Facebook yesterday and asked me to type the status to go with it as she dictated to me, “Thank you to Katie Smith for drawing this picture of me and my Mom. I love it!” I asked, “Do you want me to say your ‘Ethiopian Mom’?” She answered with surprise and certainty, “No, she’s my Mom.”

And I find myself once again standing with one foot firmly planted in each role. I’m the adoptive mom who feels the pang of my child having another mother she fiercely loves. And I’m the birthmom who wants to cheer for her strength of conviction.

Two Mothers
Credit: keremtapani.

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