Unexpected Racism Against Transracial Families

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[Editor's Note: Snide comments and disapproving looks are things mixed-race families will run into sooner or later. But when Jamie from I'm Not the Babysitter adopted her black son, she anticipated disapproval from other Caucasian people. Not the case. It turns out, the stares and comments come from people of all races. And she writes that it's the disapproval of black people that gets to her the most. --Grace]

I struggled when Samuel first came home with really worrying and seeking approval from the African American community. The judgement from an African American person stung more to me. When I received a negative look I wanted to know the reason why. Or if we all went out in the morning to grab breakfast without getting ready, I was worried people would look at Samuel and think I didn’t know how to care for his hair or skin (okay, the hair they are half right on, but I can’t even do my own hair)…

Image Credit: I'm Not the Babysitter

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